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We are your local air conditioning and refrigeration specialists in Hibiscus Coast & surrounding areas.

With over 28 years experience we pride ourselves in providing you with expert advice to ensure you get the best solution for your situation. Specialists in installing a heat pump solution in your home or workplace, we can provide expert advice to suit your budget.

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Our Services

Installed Heat Pump

Heat Pump Installs

We are the experts in heat pumps and air conditioning, we install in both new and existing homes and your workplace.

Multisplit Air System

Multi-Split Systems

Multiple indoor units of different styles and capacities can be linked to one outdoor system allowing for individual temp control in each room as desired.

Ducted Air System

Ducted Systems

With this set up we can hide the unit above the ceiling or below the floor for a more discreet heating and cooling solution leaving only the vents and control panel visible.

Tools for Repair

Repairs & Servicing

We recommend servicing your heat pump every 12-18 months to keep it running efficiently. We can attend to any problems you may have with your system.

Swimming Pool Heater

Pool Heating Systems

You can reduce swimming pool heating costs by installing an energy-efficient pool heat pump that can maintain any water temperature you desire.

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Approval Rating

Customer Service is extremely important to us and that is why we are very proud of our flawless rating on NoCowboys.co.nz

Awesome company to deal with – Daniel and Co were extremely professional, prompt, courteous, and wonderful to deal with. Would thoroughly recommend this company to anyone looking at getting a heat pump installed at a very reasonable price. Thank you very much – my elderly mother is thrilled with the outcome.

Lusia - Aug 2017Lusia - Aug 2017

Just writing this about the service we received last year when Daniel installed a heat pump for us, and we are calling him back now about installing a second one downstairs. That’s a good recommendation in itself. Daniel was helpful in a slightly difficult ceiling situation we have. I felt we got great service at a very competitive price.

Kate - April 2017Kate - April 2017

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Benefits of a Heat Pump System at your home or workplace:


Heat pumps popularity is mainly due to them being the most cost effective way to heat your home, better than any other method. Heat pumps cost 5-9c/kw vs electric heater 24c/kw.

Quality Air

Heat pumps filter the air as it passes through it, removing dust & other particles from the air improving the air purity which is especially helpful to asthma & allergy sufferers.

Less Humidity

As the system runs it draws moisture out of the air, dryer air is released into the house which is better to breathe and helps maintain a dry mold free home.

Family Friendly

Unlike most other heating systems like heaters and fireplaces there are no hot surfaces on a heat pump making them much safer especially if you have children at home.

All Year Comfort

Dual modes of both heating & cooling means you can control the temperature to be whatever you like, affordable climate comfort all year round.

House Value

Along with the numerous benefits from installing a heat pump system, it also improves the value of your home by adding another asset.

Key Factors When Choosing a Heat Pump

  • Capacity

    Heat pumps come spec’d with different power outputs, you need one that suits the size of the room it is heating or cooling. Too small can be inefficient and noisy, too big can be draughty and have erratic temperature control.

  • Location

    Just as in real estate location (of the unit in your home) is very important and will play a big part in it’s effectiveness. We will advise on the ideal system and placement of a it to ensure even room heating without creating drafts.

  • Purpose

    Determining if you want your unit to be primarily used for heating or cooling will change which model is best for you as each one has it’s strong points, we install all of the top brands and will  advise which model is suitable for you.

  • Type Of System

    There are different types of Heat Pump systems available each with their own pros & cons, we can walk you through them during an appraisal.

  • Wall Mounted

    These are the most common type of heat pump, taking up little space and are the most affordable option.

  • Floor Mounted

    The best option when a wall mounted unit isn’t feasible, these are also great when replacing a fixed gas heater.

  • Ducted

    For heating multiple rooms from one unit which is usually located out of the way in a roof cavity or under the house.

About Us:

Hibiscus Heatpumps & Airconditioning Ltd was established in 2005 by Daniel Blackburn-Huettner, an advanced trade qualified refrigeration engineer with over 28 years experience.

Being the owner and director, Daniel prides himself in providing the right advice and outstanding customer service. While he now runs a small team, he is personally involved in each and every job we carry out, to ensure leading technology fit for the intended purpose is provided each and every time. We will never compromise on quality or customer satisfaction.

We work with all leading brands but remaining brand independent we will always recommend the best solution for each specific application.

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